The Π Plan

"The fundamental things have got to be simple…"
Lord Rutherford.

Our ability to incorporate virtually any performance-related requirement or phenomena into a material is the technological backbone of Π. Our organic chemists and materials scientists can create, enhance, or disallow any matter-based phenomenon within an appropriate material, using our knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, the particle/wave duality of materials, thereby adjusting the properties of materials to any desired property. This is achieved by engineering specific properties into material building blocks at the angstrom-scale, then, if necessary, forming higher-level material configurations in which the properties of of the building blocks are retained in the bulk material.

These property-dictating chemistries, combined with the breadth of our analytical instrumentation expertise and proficiencies in statistics and applied computing also allows us to comprehensively characterize data from the perspective of different instruments and principles, thereby obtaining a multidimensional understanding of intra- and intermolecular interactions and the intertwining effects of wave-particle properties of a material. These capabilities, in turn, present ideal opportunities to contribute to scientific and technological understandings, and hopefully, breakthroughs.


Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes

Functionalized Hybrid Nanoparticles

This capability for innovation stems from Π's ardent interest in empirical research. Thankfully, today's cutting edge instrumentation has resolutions bordering on those dimensional and time scales which quantized effects can be studied, allowing for the interrogation of matter and materials to a higher degree of understanding. Using state-of-the-art instrumentation and methods, Π chemists and scientists are fully engaged in studying processes within the sub-angstrom realm of materials science, including the interaction of the sub-angstrom with energy fields spanning the ultra violet through to the terahertz, into the microwave, in search of commercializable phenomena. It is the processes of the sub-angstrom realm that makes nanotechnology possible. Unlike the nanoscale where total human control is still possible, at the sub-angstrom level total human control of processes comes to an end. Most processes at this scale are simply kinetic or thermodynamically controlled self-organizational processes, with outcomes based on the available energies and waveforms, available conduits for energy transfer (conjugation, bandgaps, space), and rules of what is allowed and what is forbidden (selectivity rules). Although our technology and instrumentation allows us to view, and make deductions about what is happening at this scale; unfortunately, the different sciences (and instruments) that might bring together a broad-spectrum understanding of what happens at the quantum level are still fragmented. This fragmentation leads to a non-optimized use of scientific tools and data, and is, currently a major impediment to scientific discovery and the development of true technology. This is where Π's philosophy of a convergent science approach to scientific enquiry becomes important, as it provides a multidimensional scaffold for understanding quantum effects and helps unravel the cross disciplinary nature of scientific truth.

Some of the possible effects of the interaction of matter with energy

Thought arising from convergent science indicates that real technology is such technology which can satisfy a requirement, with minimal disruption to the environment from its production and use, and also with minimum threat to both plant and animals. It also indicates that the secrets to such real technology are hidden within the worldly splendor of every day life, we just need to know how use our acquired analytical technologies to fish out, understand and duplicate effects seen in nature – even if this means reevaluating old rules and theories, and getting rid of them if necessary.

Looking for energy? The daytime thermal profile of Atlanta, GA

Philosophy is an intricate aspect of scientific enquiry and convergent science, and our involvement with convergent science has also inadvertently brought about non-mainstream philosophical understandings of the essence of mankind, life, and a better knowledge of the correct rudiments of human society and lifestyle. In the course of generating and applying our convergent science philosophies we have become progressively illuminated about the true grandeur of being a human being. What we do at Π amounts to a better understanding of the human being since, as humans, all our functionality is an illustration of the cooperativity of different levels of nanostructured processes, with macro processes relating to the human element and quantum processes relating to the being element. If this is true, then, logically, we are capable of communication both on a marco scale and on a quantum scale (but that's another story). Alas, convergent science, which helps unravel the cross disciplinary nature of scientific truth, also unravels nature's truth.

Our work as Π as scientists have brought about psychosocial revelations that we cannot ignore. Convergent science seems to point out to the fact that each variation within our specie has a special characteristic, and a unique contribution to the collective. Advanced specie or not, we have to start being unified, rather than building up social structures that allow us to negatively isolate, classify and exploit each other, as this leads to a quantized proliferation of poverty, war, lack of accessibility to primary necessities, disease, bad public health, and a general decrease of our chances of survival as a specie.

"When two elephants fight, it's the grass that suffers"

For these reasons, Π intends to apply the psychosocial philosophies and realizations that stem from its involvement in science and technology to address social problems, and, with the help of others, develop solid psychosocial postulations, blueprints and solutions that benefit mankind as a whole. New knowledge and understandings of the rudiments of life and social culture will be disseminated to the public through the development of services and service protocols that truly benefit society, the development of appropriate seminars and communiqués that will lead to an increased enlightenment of the average earthling, and the development of educational programs that foster true technology and that can be seamlessly integrated into curriculums at pre-college, undergraduate and graduate level education

We are polymaths; a group of dedicated scientists, philosophers and good-poised professionals of valor, integrity and good virtue, individually intelligent, and with an inner calling to apply our varied knowledge and capacities to the development and benefit of convergent science, true-technology and the propagation of social good, mindless of the social and economic sacrifices that accompany such a level of dedication.

All our plans have resulted in the evolution of our core divisions, which have been integrated into a ∏ plan that is modeled on the generation of equity, and for revenue that can be applied towards the promotion of our convergent technologies and psychosocial philosophies.

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