About Us

Polymath Interscience LLC (otherwise known by the symbol Π), is a business approach in convergent science where proficiencies in the biological, chemical, physical and social sciences, engineering, computer programming, statistics and philosophy amalgamate into a capable and methodical think-tank dedicated to the conceptualization and development of advancements in the science and engineering of smart functional materials, nanostructures, nanoparticles, specialty chemicals, organic devices, and to the application of these advancements towards societal issues pertaining to education and human reasoning, environmental and public health and safety, human ailment detection, national security and social justice.

Our interdisciplinary capabilities allow us to use different layers of methods and ideologies to comprehensively address scientific, educational and societal challenges. We also provide consultations in the development of multimodal curricula that combines application-relevant research with education in the emergent interdisciplinary sciences, and provide analytical and consulting services in the fields of chemistry, materials science applied computing and statistics, and nanotechnology. Founded in 2007, our offices are located in Annapolis, MD, USA and in London, England, UK.

Areas of technological focus include:

  • Contract R&D in Convergent Sciences
  • Applied Nanotechnology
  • Molecularly Engineered Functional Materials, Nanostructures and Chemicals
  • Multifunctional Composites, Fibers and Coatings
  • Nanoporous Catalyst Supports and Filters for Air and Water Filtration
  • Air/Land/Water Biological and Chemical Sensors
  • Engineering of Scents and Scent Simulants
  • Statistical Assessments, Modeling and Chemometrics
  • Applied Computing and Data Mining
  • Educational Program Development and Grantsmanship
  • Mankind, Health, Diet and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • R&D on The Significance of The "Being" Component of Being a Human Being


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