Technical Writing

Due to the scientific nature of our business Π personnel are seasoned writers in all forms of technical writing. We are always involved in producing highly accurate technical reports, proposals, quad charts and publication-ready papers aimed at different audiences. When necessary, we are willing to sign confidentiality agreements to ensure the protection of information and ideas.

Currently active areas include:

Product documentation: we can help put together a documentation of product specifics, MSDS information, or a technical manual that gives a comprehensive detail of how a product should be used.

Grants & Contracts: we can assist small businesses put together proposals that are compelling and captures the essence of their aims and objectives, through the use of brilliant pictures, graphs, tables, and a comprehensive narrative. Proposals can be geared towards government, non-profit or private organizations and can be in form of grants, contracts, or the SBIR program.

Patents: we provide patent searches, write broad patent descriptions of concepts, and write either brief disclosures or full descriptions, help with the development of claims. We can also assess patent validity and make suggestions to patent improvements or extensions, analyze prior art, perform experiments to validate or extend the utility of patent, broadening the applicability of patent, and can also help with patent submission to obtain a prompt filing date.

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Our services also include: