Litigation Support

Using our extensive knowledge bases, practical experience, professional business practices, and our familiarity with the legal process, Π provides lawyers, law firms and legal departments a wide range of scientific and technical services for litigation preparedness.

Areas of Litigation in which Π can provide unparalleled, top-notch support include:

Expert witness and testimony

Π provides senior members of its technical personnel as knowledgeable and credible expert witnesses that are fully capable of adroit analytical thought, have flexible and cross-disciplinary knowledge bases, and are familiar with the legal process. We also provide technical support to experts or counsel.

Patent Litigation

We can provide the following services:

  • Assistance with claims conceptualization and development

  • Investigation of patent infringement and violation events

  • Preparation of professional reports and declarations

  • Provision of expert testimony

  • Analysis of prior art

  • Analysis of patent validity

Patent Prosecution

  • Assessment of patent validity

  • Performance of validating experiments

  • Preparation of the specification

Forensic Investigations

We can provide applied analytical tests and measurements to prove or disprove elements of a case. Examples of forensic investigations that fall under our area of expertise includes:

  • Patent violations from product deformulation

  • Drug analysis in hair

  • Classification and dating of inks and pigments

  • Comparative analysis for product liabilities

  • Investigation of quality issues

  • Comparative analysis of paints in auto, boat, vehicle incidences

  • Adulteration, contamination, and tampering

  • Hazard evaluation, industrial hygiene litigation, occupational exposure, air monitoring

  • Evaluation of product failures and design flaws

Technical Litigation Consulting

We provide the following first-class services in the field of Technical Litigation:

  • Development of litigation strategy

  • Providing technical support to experts or counsel

  • Providing general technical input on litigious issues

  • Development of technical questions for depositions or trials

  • Consultations on litigation avoidance

  • Professional preparation of graphics and presentation materials

  • Performance of tests and experiments

  • Performance of detailed background research

  • Assessing and explaining technical issues in non-technical terms


Our services also include: