Custom Syntheses and Formulation


We provide multistep organic syntheses of fine chemicals, function-active monomeric materials, and their polymeric equivalents. Our expertise in this area encompasses the use of homogeneous or heterogeneous media, one or a combination of thermal, photo- microwave and electrochemical induced synthetic methods, and within either air/inert and pressurized/unpressurized atmospheres.

Examples of materials within our scope of synthetic expertise include:

  • Specialty Chemicals and Reagents

  • Optoelectronically-Active Polymers, Compounds and Crystals

  • Extensively Conjugated Systems

  • Nanostructured materials

  • Novel functional Polymer-Metal/Ceramic/Glass Hybrid Materials

  • Dyes and pigments

  • Bioactive Molecules

  • Derivatized Inorganic Surfaces

  • Intermediates, Precursors, Degradants, and Metabolites



Using technology and infrastructure established for the production of our ScentLogix™ series of scents for bioanalytical detection, we can apply many years of applied knowledge in fluid dynamics, aggregation and colloidal science towards the formulation of highly homogeneous Polymers, Paints, Surfactants, Coatings, Oils, Adhesives, Inks, and Composites.


Process Methods

Π assists companies in activities pertaining to the following process-based operations:

Method Development/Validation: We can assist businesses in

  1. The development and validation of methods for novel applications.

  2. The development and validation of new innovative methods for new and for preexisting applications.

Method Optimization: We also assist new businesses to optimize their production methods to suit a variety budget, product quality and environmental impact related purposes. Ongoing method optimization projects include:

  1. Method optimization to increase product yield,

  2. Methods R&D geared at the reduction of non-degradable or hazadous bye products,

  3. Methods geared towards the reduction of raw material costs,

  4. Method expansion to extend the scope of method/product applicability,

  5. Method optimizations to increase product quality.

Our services also include: