Analytical Service

With over 50 years of combined experience in using a wide array of instrumentation whose modes of material characterization are based on the interrogation of different material properties, in conjunction with our knowledge of separation science and spectra interpretation and understanding of the interrelationships of spectroscopic methodologies, we can fully analyze and characterize key processes and material properties of finished products, additives, and raw materials used within research, manufacturing, product development and improvement projects - to the extent of uncovering new phenomena!

Typical services include the physicochemical analysis of inks, paints, oils, polymers, coatings, Adhesives, composites, process intermediates, fine chemicals, and material surfaces. We are also capable of isolation, purification and characterization of organic and inorganic compounds from all mediums, including air/land/sea contaminants.

Examples of instrumentation used in our analytical strategies include:

Magnetic/Structural Characterization
H/C/P-NMR (including COSY & CPMAS), ESR

Optical/Electronic Characterization
UV/Vis-NIR-MIR-FIR-THz Spectroscopy (in frequencies, wavenumbers, electron volts)
Optical Density
Raman (including SERS)
Fluorescence/ Phosphorescence/Photoluminescence Measurements

Bond Strength/Mass Characterization
TOF/CI/EI MassSpectroscopy (including using metastables)

Surface Morphology Characterization
AFM (including using a nanonmanipulator);

Separation and Purification
Thin layer/Flash/Column Chromatography
Electrophoresis and Dielectrophoresis
Gas Chromatography

IV Characteristics
4-Point Probe Measurements

Material Properties
Thermal properties: TGA/DTA
Polymer Reactivity: DSC
Mechanical Properties: Dynamic Mechanical Analysis.


Our services also include: