The "GREAT In Chemistry" Program

Anybody can be a master of the universe. Chemists however, have a better shot at it since they are in the process of studying one of the most difficult components of being one. Π has developed a series of blueprints for a Graduate Education and Training in Interdisciplinary Chemistry program, known as "GREAT In Chemistry Program," which is formatted to promote an active redefinition of the curriculum of chemistry. Classroom, laboratory and enrichment training modules are broadened to include concepts culled from other disciplines that will enhance the practical knowledge of chemistry, and will train graduating chemists to be more applied in their use of chemistry - a discipline that encompasses nanotechnology - in addressing technological needs, and provide pool of students that , in addition to being able to apply adroit philosophical and analytical thought to the solving of challenges of the sub nanoscale, are also ready for the industrial workplace.

Modules and tools are formatted based on existing qualifications and research strengths of existing faculty, available instrumentation and available support courses from other departments. Our technical writing team will use their combined professional and personal crossdisciplinary educational experiences to assist colleges and universities in the conceptualization and development of institutional grants for a) new curriculum development, b) instrumentation acquisition and c) new educational concepts d) summer enrichment courses and activities, in new (integrated) disciplines that are reminiscent of the ongoing convergence of the sciences and engineering and bolster preexisting infrastructure.

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