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MedVision Has Vision!: ∏ And MedVision Team Up in a Visionary Collaboration in e-Learning Enhanced Multimodal Education

Annapolis, MD (December 2007) -- ∏ has teamed up with MedVision Telehealth Solutions to develop an e-learning enhanced education and training platform that suits both practical- and classroom-based education learning activities and compliments existing face-to-face teaching methods.

Dr. David Adebimpe, ∏'s founder and CEO, stated that "MedVision's proximity, pool of experts in audiovisual production and videoconferencing technology, and the laudable way they apply their technology to difficult e-learning areas such as surgical telemedicine, makes them perfect partners for such teaming efforts. The company's signature products, the MV2200, the MV1100, the MV550L, and the Media Cart provide unsurpassed mobile video communication/production equipment solutions for classrooms, auditoriums, and laboratories alike. We find that their vision overlaps with ours and their past successes in their operating room and healthcare video production platforms and foresight in equipment design will help in the production of ∏'s vision of emergent e-learning enhanced modular education architectures.”

MedVision is based in Annapolis, Maryland.