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A Tale of Two Cities: ∏ and Ventosa Kennels Converge on R&D Efforts in K9 Detection

Annapolis, MD (January 2008) -- ∏ and Ventosa Kennel have agreed to engage in joint R&D activities based on elucidating the scientific basis of K9 search-and-detect training methods. Dr. David Adebimpe, founder and CEO of Polymath Interscience, ∏, stated “Since ∏ uses the olfactory prowess of canines as the underpinnings to its foundational R&D investigations into biological olfaction and olfaction-based detection, we are lucky to have found a scientific collaborator in Tracy Bowling, as his outfit is cutting edge – just like his training methods. Tracy's established K9 certification requirements are more demanding than those issued by any police K9 certifying organization in the U.S. today. In addition to operating a top-notch training program, he is also ATF/DEA licensed, so I as a scientist can be assured of the quality of materials he uses within his detection program, and of the professionalism that he'll contribute to this joint program.

“It is true that our current training methods are very effective. However, with more scientific knowledge regarding odor detection we can still tremendously improve these techniques," said Tracy Bowling, owner of Ventosa Kennel. “I believe that if we had training techniques that are based on scientific support, we would be in a position to offer the best training available to police and government agencies."

Ventosa Kennel, located near Scotland Neck, North Carolina, is a working dog kennel and a fully equipped, DEA/ATF licensed, law-enforcement K9 training and certification center. Owner Tracy Bowling, a polymath, certified pilot and an extensively experienced K9 trainer, has provided canine training services for the military, law enforcement, and private industry and owners for more than 35 years.