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Advancing Our Nation's Security: ∏ Forms a Security Solutions Partnership with GST

Annapolis, MD (January 2008) --

∏ has entered into a collaborative partnership with the Security Engineering Services (SES) of Global System Technologies (GST) to produce multimodal explosive simulants and training aids that can be used in the detection of explosives and other illicit and illegal materials. Envisioned is an integrated suite of multimodal training aids that can also be configured to suit a wide range of scenarios, and provide alternative perspectives, including geographical and cultural. The efforts combine the convergent knowledge base of Polymath Interscience in analytical instrumentation, sensors, olfaction, and scents – as evidenced by their revolutionary ScentLogix K9 and ScentLogix-VDM product lines, with the on-field experience and X-ray, visual, and tactical explosives simulant development capacity of SES – as evidenced by their Modular IED Training Aid, Explosive Recognition Aid and Simulated IED Bomb product lines. At the conclusion of talks regarding the collaboration, Dr. David Adebimpe, ∏'s founder and CEO stated, “I am glad for this partnership in which two companies with a strong passion for security issues can work together on an issue that will have so much impact towards sustaining the security of the two most important components of our nation – our infrastructure and citizenry.”

SES, located in Yardley, Pennsylvania, is a division of Global Systems Technology (GST), a diversified systems engineering, security, R&D, and information technology company. GST is also a prime contractor for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL), and provider of technical services to the DHS’s R&D programs in aviation security.