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Scientifically Yours…∏ And Lyntech Form An Alliance To Explore Their Chemistry!

Annapolis, MD (November 2007) -- In a strategic synergistic collaborative, Dr. David Adebimpe, CEO of ∏, has been appointed the Vice President of Technology for specialty chemical solutions experts at LynTech Specialty Management Inc, (LynTech). Mr. Kenneth Mbonu, CEO of LynTech, has been appointed Vice President of Business Strategies at ∏. “This intertwined collaboration reflects the trust and commitment both parties have in each other's capabilities, which they intend to pool towards the development of new speciality chemical products and tools for all facets of society and technology," Dr. Adebimpe said. “Look out for the products that will emerge from this collaboration,"

Lyntech, based in Paterson, New Jersey, is a specialty chemical manufacturing and management company with well-equipped and spacious synthetic, analytical, and formulation laboratories as well as a multi-component production capability. Lyntech manufactures a range of specialty industrial detergents, textile auxiliaries, and lubricants for the textile, automotive, service, and heavy-machinery industries.

“The alliance provides a unique environment to optimize the collaboration's collective knowledge, infrastructure, and formidable capabilities," said Lyntech CEO Mr. Kenneth Mbonu. Under the agreement, Lyntech will also produce ∏'s products, ScentLogix™ ScentKits for the Detection of Illicit and Hazardous Substances and Nanolego™ Molecular Building Blocks for laboratory instruction in nanotechnology. These products are scheduled to be launched February 22.