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It's Crunchtime! ∏ Enters Data Mining & Fusion Alliance with Instras Scientific

Annapolis, MD (October 2007) -- ∏ has signed an activity agreement with Instras Scientific, a newly formed upwardly-mobile and visionary Custom Solutions Company that delivers task-oriented programs for the data analysis and acquisition needs of scientists.

Collaborations with ∏ will revolve around the principal areas of mining and fusion of disparate data sets, developing a unified data depository and analysis system to support ∏'s scholastic programs objectives, the development of a software platform that enhances modular education architectures, and the identification and writing of joint proposals under the Small Business Innovative Research SBIR umbrella.

Instras' products include MyLIS™ (My Laboratory Information System), a simple and password secure web-based management system for small research groups; and InstruView™, a custom program that provides an effective means of managing, visualizing, and sharing data sets unique to research groups.

 Instras is based in Teaneck, New Jersey.